Posting Settings

Enable checkboxes on discussions and comments
Checkboxes allow admins to perform batch actions on a number of discussions or comments at the same time.
Enable link embeds in discussions and comments
Allow links to be tranformed into embedded representations in discussions and comments. For example, a YouTube link will transform into an embedded video.
Enable Image Upload Limit
Add limits to image upload dimensions in discussions and comments.
Images will be scaled down if they exceed this width.
Images will be scaled down if they exceed this height.

Select the default format of the editor for posts in the community.

Note: The editor will auto-detect the format of old posts when editing them and load their original formatting rules. Aside from this exception, the selected post format below will take precedence.

Reinterpret All Posts As Wysiwyg

Check the below option to tell the editor to reinterpret all old posts as Wysiwyg.

Note: This setting will only take effect if Wysiwyg was chosen as the Post Format above. The purpose of this option is to normalize the editor format. If older posts edited with another format, such as markdown or BBCode, are loaded, this option will force Wysiwyg.

Specify an editing format for mobile devices.

Note: If mobile devices should have the same experience, specify the same one as above. If users report issues with mobile editing, this is a good option to change.

Nested categories deeper than this depth will be placed in a comma-delimited list.
If a user is in a role that has permission to edit content, those permissions will override this.
It is a good idea to keep the maximum number of characters allowed in a comment down to a reasonable size.
You can specify a minimum comment length to discourage short comments.