• Warn users if a link in a post will cause them to leave the forum
    Alert users if they click a link in a post that will lead them away from the forum. Users will not be warned when following links that match a Trusted Domain.
  • You can specify a whitelist of trusted domains (ex. that are safe for redirects and embedding.

    Specify one domain per line. Use * for wildcard matches.

HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) Settings

  • Learn more about HSTS at
  • We recommend starting with a max age of 1 week and then increasing it to 1 month then 1 year once you see your site works as expected.

  • When enabled, this rule applies to all of your site's subdomains as well.

    Warning: Only enable this feature if you are sure all your subdomains are configured for HTTPS with valid certificates.

  • Warning: It's great to support HSTS preloading as a best practice. However, you must submit your site to to ensure that it is successfully pre-loaded (i.e. to get the full protection for the intended configuration).