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  • Hello Pedro, if I am understanding you right an option may be to use batching. You could have the batching out of the Activity be dependent on a calculation within the value box in the Batching out dialog, e.g. (lable_value*20) or have a label w…
  • Hello, a way to separate the timing results in a model for different label values is to use segregate results. There is more info on this in the helpfile linked below. https://www.simul8.com/support/help/doku.php?id=features:segregate Hope this help…
    in Label timings Comment by Bygg97 March 24
  • An option for this Laura may be to set in a condition in Visual logic to link and unlink the activity connected to the start point depending on if the operation room is empty. So something along the line of IF Operation Room.count content = 0 …
  • Hey Laura, you can always have your Start Point set to Unlimited. Just remember you cannot have a queue after it, as it has to be an active Object for it to pull Work Items from the Start Point. Here is a help page on it if you want to know more ht…
  • As Simul8 is a Discrete Event Simulation, when two work items are due to arrive into an activity at the same time, one event will happen before the other and the resource will go to the one that is scheduled to happen first, even though this will al…
  • Hey Christina, It is hard to give much advice without seeing the model however from it being blocked 98% of the time it may be that the work items cannot leave the activity. If you are using labels you may want to check that these are assigned and…

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