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On the fly scheduling

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I need to schedule work items to arrive as things happen in the simulation. I have selected to use a spreadsheet and when the triggers occur, I populate the schedule spreadsheet to try and cause a work item to arrive. This wasn't working using current Simulation time, so I tried Simulation time + 0.1. That didn't work either (incidentally there are no missed arrivals - I thought that may be the problem at first). I even tried Simulation Time + 1 (and + 10) but they didn't work either.
Tthe schedule sheet does work if I have it populated from the start of the simulation, but if I populate it throughout (even if the time I input is in the future) it ignores it. Very annoying.
Does anyone know of a way of triggering arrivals on the fly that doesn't use this method?


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    One way is to set a clock event to trigger at the time you want the event and then insert a workitem into the queue that is used by the work entry point. Another way setup a queue that has a "wait" time based on a label. You can then create workitem in an activity that is feeding this queue to setup the wait time based on how long it has to wait till it is released. This also allows you to add multiple workitems at the same time.

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