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Running a model until all work items reach an end point

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I am curious if it is possible to have my system run until all work items have reached the end point of the system.

Say, for example, the model represents a bar that serves drinks. The bar opens at 7 and closes at 12 - hence the clock properties used represent this time.

The issue is when the clock reaches 12 the model stops running despite work items (the customers) still being in the system (which fails to reflect real life).

Is it possible to have this system continue running beyond 12 and stop when all customers reach the end point?


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    You could try running the simulation for 24 hours but add the time restriction another way. You can add shift patterns directly to the start point (under constraints on the additional tab) meaning no new customers could enter the bar after 12 but existing work items/customers can still continue to move through the system.

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    @Matthew thanks for the help. I will look into doing this

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