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different processing time for different work items

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I cannot select 'use labels' in the time orientation window, it is in grey color.
my build version is 3902
is there any other way I can set different processing time for different work items in one activity? using visual logic? how? can you show me the command line?


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    I am not sure why the option is greyed out. However, if the distribution type doesn't change, e.g. you always use Average, and just the times themselves change you can use what's shown here:

    Using Visual Logic you can probably use something like:
    IF Label = 1
    Set Object Object Distribution Parameters Activity 1, Operation Time, Normal, 5, 2, "", ""
    ELSE IF Label =2

    Note, the "Set Object Distribution Parameters" is a pre-built command in Visual Logic and "Operation Time" is what you want to change. The other inputs are just on the activity you look at and the distribution plus parameters etc..

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