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Concurrent Activities

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I am new to Simul8 and still trying to get my head around its functions.
I am trying to add into my simulation an activity that happens at the same time as another one. For example my activity is "Robot Run" for 105 minutes and that has the robot as assigned resource, but while that is happening I also want a "Reagent Prep" activity for 30 minutes using lab staff resource.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to implement this?


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    You could "batch out" two copies of a workitem and send each one to the corresponding activity. You may then want to put them in a common queue where you can then join them back together so that work will not proceed until both are done.

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    Thank you for the suggestion. When I return them to a common queue I want them to return to counting at 1 sample instead of 2, is this possible?

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    Joining them back together will return 1 workitem, instead of 2.

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