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Batching out items does not preserve the label

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I try to follow the pro tip 8 that can be found here: https://blog.simul8.com/simul8-tip-label-based-batching-and-collecting/ Say, we have the situation as in the aforementioned example. At the start point, I assign the unique label. Then in the Check-In, I batch out items (say the fixed number of two), i.e. me and a bag enter together but I go to a separate queue and my bag goes to a different queue as well. When I inspect the queues, only one item (me or a bag) has a unique label. The other item has the label of 0. Any ideas, why is that happening, and how to deal with it?


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    I have used this a lot in models and when batching out, it copies the labels to each copy. Just built a simple model and batched out 2 copies to queues and the contents of both queues, including labels, were the same. Can you describe you model and what other actions might be taking place in them? How do you know they were changed? How did you examine them? Build a simple model and verify.

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