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Processing an activity with less then capacity

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In an activity with maximum capacity for 6 work items, how do I assume taht the activity can process the material even if I don't have the full capacity there?
For example, I only have 4 work items to inspect and I don't want to wait for the another 2 work items.


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    Hi Mariana! If your Activity has a capacity of 6 items I would use Replicate: https://www.simul8.com/support/help/doku.php?id=features:replicate . I guess that your Activity is waiting for 6 items because you're using Collect. Therefore, Replicate will do the trick for you, just make sure you change the Routing In discipline before switching to Replicate.

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    How does your model work? Is there a queue of work and when a workcenter is ready for work, it can grab as many of the items as it can process upto a limit of 6? Therefore if there is only one item, it will pick it up and work on it? This can be done by setting up the collection limit in the "Before Collection" VL code to set it to the required number. You might have to be concerned about performance since if this workcenter is idle for a long time, the "Before Selecting" is called for each state change in the model. So it will depend on some further details about your model and how you want it to operate.

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