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Routing in Error - Collect feature

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Hi all,
I got the following issue:
An Activity ("54440050_WP") collects single work items in a new iteration of my model nevertheless "Do not collect until all available" is marked.
Model after Reset:

Collecting Table of "54440050_WP" activity:

Link for higher resolution:

Model after first event:

In the first event the Activity "54440050_WP" pulls a main work item from the "Mat_475035014000" Queue nevertheless no work item from the "Start point 1" (Queue for 54440050_WP) is available yet. The work items of the start point should trigger the activities to work and the "Mat_*" Queues should model different material inventory.

This is how the check boxes look in the newest version of the model which isn't working properly:

In an older iteration of the model the check boxes look like this - and the model works well:

Does anyone of the SIMUL8 community has an idea what's causing this issue?




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    Hey, have you made sure that all Objects routing in to this Activity are passive? These can be Queues but also Activities and Start Points with Passive Routing out. Once you change this, these options will no longer be greyed out. - Noah

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    Hi Noah,
    thanks for your reply.
    I've connected another activity to the "54440050_WP" activitiy, which was the problem.
    Just made it passive and the greyed out was away.


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