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Hi everyone,

I am simulating patient flow through a hospital Emergency Department, which sees many different types of patients. These patients will be routed through multiple processes differently, based on their condition.

For example:
Patient may have:
Status 1: Need Trolley vs Don't need Trolley (Determined at Start Point)
Status 2: Need Isolation vs Don't need Isolation (Determined at Activity 1)
Status 4: Need Oxygen vs Don't need Oxygen (Determined at Activity 2)
Status 5: Need Nebulisation vs Don't need Nebulisation (Determined at Activity 2)
Status 3: Fever vs No Fever (Determined at Activity 3)

I also have to assign patients a priority of 1, 2, 3, 4 for when a doctor should see them. The priority is dependent on the combination of statuses above.

I am considering using:
Option A: Use a single label, eg. lblPatientCondition. There would be 32 values for this label (2^5, because there are 5 statuses). I would then route a few values to the appropriate activity. These 32 values could easily increase to 64 or 128 values if I find more patient statuses that I need to include.
Option B: 5 separate labels, which splits patients based on lblTrolley, lblIsolation, lblOxygen, lblNebulisation, lblFever. I would then use each label at the appropriate process. I will then be able to add on more labels in the future.

My main challenge is the assigning of doctors to the higher priority patients.

How would you go about doing this?




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    Hello, in my models I have been creating a different Label for each attribute, and thus, I recommend creating multiple labels. For estimating priority, you can either develop a mathematical formula incorporating the 5 different Labels, or assign Priority values from a spreadsheet. Do you maybe have this?


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