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Time Interval Results

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Hi everyone,
I'm trying to get "Current Content" results from queues to show in my Time Interval Results sheet. But I can only add maximum, minimum, average queue size.
In the KPI window current content, maximum, minimum and average queue size is shown.
Is there anything that I'm missing?


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    Hi Valentin, I am under the impression that there's some KPIs that can't be added to Time Interval Results. You can alternatively build Visual Logic code for it on Time Check. Go to Time Check Properties, select the interval of your choice and type in the following code to build up the spreadsheet:

    SET gbl_Count = gbl_Count+1
    SET ss_Results[1,gbl_Count] = Simulation Time
    SET ss_Results[2,gbl_Count] = Simulation Time+60
    SET ss_Results[3,gbl_Count] = Queue 1.Count Contents

    However, this will give you only a snapshot of Contents in the Queue within that interval and not the average.

    Does it help?

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    Hi Albin,
    thank you for your reply.
    I'm currently using the spreadsheet and time check solution. It works fine for me.
    I just tried to reduce Visual Logic code...
    Best regards

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