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Trial Results

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I am trying to store my simulation results from multiple trials. When using the End Run and/or End Trial events to execute VL, I am only able to write the results of the last trial. I have also tried to use the method explained in the documentation;
Unfortunately, I can't get simul8 to execute my visual logic for each of the trials that I am running. At this point, I am only trying 3 trials per model configuration.
Has anyone had a similar issue before?



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    Hi there,

    Once you run the trial, if you click on the Copy button on the Results Manager and paste on a spreadsheet of your choice, you can see the Results for each Run of the trial, i.e for everything you added to your Results Manager.
    Hope this is useful in your case, I worked with results from trials lately so I can perhaps offer advice for more customised results! :)


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    Hello Marizza,
    Thanks for your reply! I am trying to have an automated process where the results are automatically recorded for each trial, either internally in S8 spreadsheets, or exported to .csv files. I am currently running OptQuest to find out the best solution for my model, and as you may know, opt quest will run several trials for each model. I need to report the results of each trial and perform further analysis on them. Since I am running 100's of model configurations and multiple trials for each, I still need to figure out the automated way for my task. As I mentioned, as opposed to what the documentation online states, the End Run and/or End Trial scripts only output the results for a single trial for each model configuration. So, when OptQuest runs 10 model configurations and 3 trials for each, I expect to see 30 summary files with results rather than the 10 that I am currently getting.
    Have you done something similar?
    Thanks for your advice!

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    Hi there :D

    No problem! I have not used OptQuest during my project, but I used the Scenario Manager instead. What I would recommend is:
    1. Run 1 Scenario or a Configuration at a time and export KPIs to an Internal Spreadsheet by using the Results to Sheet Command in Visual Logic.
    2. You can then create multiple spreadsheets (e.g. Configuration 1, Configuration 2 and so on) and have something like:
    Results to Sheet Configuration 1: for 1st configuration
    Results to Sheet Configuration 2: for 2nd configuration
    and so on...
    3. You will end up with all the Runs for each for each configuration.

    I am afraid there is no other direct way to do this, since even when using the Scenario Manager results from the Average trial run, and not for each run breakdown.

    However, if I figure out something I will keep you posted.

    Thanks :)

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    Hi there, while trying to do something else in SIMUL8, I think I figured out how to produce each Run results for each Scenario, i.e. Configurations for optimization. Go to Preferences> Results and select "All Runs" in the trials section. Then run your Scenarios, and copy the Scenario Results directly. Then, you can obtain all Run results at a glance!

    Hope that is more helpful than my previous answer!

    Marizza :)

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    Thanks for your support. I figured out that if I disable the parallel use of processors for trials, I am able to get all the results I expect to see and although it takes longer to run each experiment this way it is still an acceptable alternative for my use case. I can now show and explain to my users how OptQuest is calculating the objective value. I tried your last suggestion but it still did not help my automated result collection via Visual Logic. I truly appreciate your sincere efforts.


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