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Moving components with Pallets

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I have a pallet which takes components from one part to the other. I know that I can use Resource Move with Work Item configuration for that (through the Resource's details button), but in this option, the pallet will stay at the destination until the destination Activity is finished.

I have a set of pallets for moving components in my system, and I want to simulate a situation that the pallet leaves the components on another pallet (just by the destination Activity), and returns to the origin Activity to bring more components.

Any suggestions?



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    Hi there!
    Firstly, to allow the pallet to travel up to a point before the destination Activity, place a dummy between the Origin and Destination Activity. There, you implement the Resource Move with Work Item feature. To then make sure that the Work Item stays on a pallet, how about creating a Dummy Pallet resource, and implement the Resource Move with Work Items feature there? This will ensure that no Work Item is left alone, falls over from the pallet and so on.


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