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Optional Resources

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I am wanting to have individual resources that are dedicated to an activity that require them, but I would like when available a resource can help another activity and resource complete its work. Is there any way to assign a resource as optional but not required to complete the work.



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    If the resources are of the same type, then go into the activity and assign the resource type. Before leaving the "Resource Required" window there will be a "Detail" button. After clicking "Detail" you can then specify the amount required (Min), and then the amount that could work in the activity if available (Max). The activity time is then divided by the amount of resources working on the activity.

    If the resources are of different types, then you will have to pool the resource types together and assign the pool as the resource for the activity.

    One thing that kind of annoys me is I think in order for resources to help out the required resource, the optional resources need to be available before the activity starts its work. I would like a feature where an activity would start it's work with the required resources, but then in the middle of the work time when an optional resource becomes available the optional resource would come over and help out. For example only the required resource is available at the beginning so the activity begins with the single required resource, and then 25% of the activity is completed when an optional resource becomes available. Therefore 25% of the time one resource was working on the activity, and for the remaining 75% two resources were working on the activity. Not sure if this is a feature.

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