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Call Center to Appointments

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Hi All,
I've built a model in which people call through to a single call center, which is adequately staffed, and at this call center the patients are given appointments at 1 of 7 centers.

There are a couple of things:

The call center is open all day (and this is reflected using a day planner in the 'Start Point' as the distribution of calls to the call center is very specific) for 11 hours. The Centers themselves are open for 2 hours in the evening during the week and 8 hours over the weekend.

The above means that people call up the number and are given an appointment either that evening or over the next couple of days at one of the centers (These are apportioned out currently based on means in the baseline data, so the Route Outs are via %).

The model currently has an activity for the call center routing out into Queues going into 7 Activities representing the Centers. As per the above, this is currently done by % with a small % routing out of the system due to cancellation.

However, what this is leading to is lasting queues because:
- The Centers are open for fewer hours than the Call Center
- Only half of all calls per day are taken on the same day.

I'm not sure the best way to represent this is, in the model (fairly new to Simul8)

Any suggestions would be so gratefully received


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