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Pull Items at a certain rate

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I would like my activity to pull items at a certain time rate from a Queue. Additionally the activity should be able to work on multiple items at the same time.

e.g. Paintshop: Pull one Item every 5 minutes that then stays in the Paintshop for 1 hour. Thus the Paint Shop contains 12 items.

Thank you very much!


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    Have a setup like so:

    Queue 1 > Activity 1 > Activity 2 > Queue 2

    Activity 1 will have a cycle time of 5 minutes

    Activity 2 will have a cycle time of 60 minutes

    Ensure that Activity 1's "Routing Out" is set to passive, as you are linking activities back to back.

    Set the Replication value of Activity 2 to 12 (do this by selecting the Activity > Additional Tab of the ribbon > Replication value to 12)
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    Great thx. Works exactly how it was intended :)
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    ok I have the following concern:

    when the cycle time of Activity 1 is 5 minutes, the item is delayed by 5 minutes instead of letting through an item every 5 minutes, right?

    That kind of serves the purpose, however every items takes 5 minutes longer than expected.

    Or am I missing something?

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