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Exact Schedule to Follow

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I am trying to create a simulation that is based on a past schedule that my company has run. The schedule is broken down by line and then each line has their own kanban system. My department makes a component that is delivered to these assembly lines based on the kanbans we receive from the line. The main problem is that each "kanban" can be a different size; it is at the discretion of the line scheduler. Since there are variable kanban size, I have not figured out a way to collect based on the parent line and the kanban value. So is there a way to either:

1. Collect using multiple labels without creating a million queues to account for each different combo
2.Collect using variable amounts of work items for the kanban

I have tried using variable collect but that also ends up being too complicated due to having to go through the schedule for every day of production and calculating what each kanban would be.

Could any body help me?!


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