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Parametrized call

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Hi, I am trying to parameterize a VL call (I need to change entries in a spreadsheet, but I still need to select the relevant spreadsheet based on e.g. a label in the WI (the WI has a spreadsheet attached already). Does anyone have an example of any parametrized call, actual lines of code. This would help...


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    Hello Stefan,

    if your spreadsheet changes depending on your label, I would recommend that all the spreadsheets have the same name with the only difference being a number at the end (which would correspond to the label values). You will then have to create a local variable or type text which will carry the spreadsheet name and then use that local variable as your parameter. The code would then look like below:

    In this case the spreadsheets would be called 'Input sheet 1', 'Input sheet 2',...(assuming the label values are 1,2,3,...).
    If your spreadsheet names weren't standardized like this, you would need some conditional statements.

    I hope this helps.

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