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Optquest problem

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I'm looking for some help with optimizing model using optQuest tool. I'm creating my engineering thesis which is based on simul8. I've created a simple model of manufacturing system and i would like to maximize the number of complete objects which are leaving the model by rotating the number of machines and operators used in it. After being familiar with the tutorial in helpdesk i still have no idea how to do it on my own model. If there is someone who is that kind to help me with visual logic and optQuest with this simple thing by contacting me with skype call or something like that please let me know on : <EMAIL email="marcin.bociaga1@gmail.com">marcin.bociaga1@gmail.com</EMAIL> or whatsapp +48 538 447 316. Thanks!


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    you can refer to MakePack example supplied by simul8

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