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Simulating Theater work process

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I am a university student and I have been given a task to simulate a theater work process. I do struggle with it because my knowledge is not superior... I have a schedule of arrival of viewers but they have different pattern of arrival.

Number of attendants 10:00am 2:00pm 6:00pm
Mon - Fri 70 85 180
Saturday 200 200 110

Show lasts for 2 and a half hour and they are all called to come to auditorium 15 minutes prior beginning of the show. I can't make an activity to gather as entered the facility because they arrive differently. I want to collect 70 people, then 85 after those 70 finished watching and so on and so on. How do I do that?

Thanks in advance!


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    Hi gniteckm,

    I am not sure how you are modelling the above. It sounds like you bring all the viewers at once and then want to collect them into the auditorium? I think there are quite a few ways of modelling it depending on the structure of your simulation.
    Why don't you try actually phase their arrivals and then just collect them all? To set up the arrivals, you can use the arrival planner option (on the start point) and enter these numbers there. That way you can even get a bit of variation on the numbers, if you want.
    In the collect number on the activity, you can then select 'all' to pull all those in the queue in. You will have to be careful with when you do this because once the activity starts processing, no one else will get in but using shifts might help with that.

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    Hey gniteckm and Kiki,

    following up on what Kiki said, I would be tempted to model the performance as a queue to avoid the issue with people not being able to enter if they are not there 15 minutes before the performance. I would have a dummy activity before and after that queue and put them on shifts (the first one would be on a shift which would start 15 mins before the performance and close as the performance starts). The second one would have a short shift at the end of the performance to let the people out. That way you don't have to collect anything and people have more time to get in if they come a bit late (but you can still stop them from coming if they come after the start of the performance). :)
    You would need a shift for each of the performances.

    Good luck.

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