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Assigning labels without Assembly option in Routing In

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I've encountered a specific problem that I cannot solve or find any info about. Let me briefly describe it.
So, I am building a model representing processes in the printing house. In my model I've got the raw material (paper) stock and the source of incoming orders. In order to simulate the release of paper from the stock, i have inserted an activity which would "read" the order based on labels and release right amount of raw paper from the stock.
However, my problem is that after releasing a certain amount of paper from the stock based on the label (works as a Rounting In -> Collect -> Label/Sheet), I cannot assign previous labels from the order to the raw materials after this activity. To make it more clear let me give you the example: I have got an Order with labels: ID 1 and Quantity 200. After the order is moved to activity "Release of paper" and 200 sheets of paper are released from the queue and moved to this activity I cannot assign these labels to processed sheets of paper. I really don't want to use assembly option, because I want to treat each sheet of paper as a seperate work item.
I know that this problem might be difficult to describe but I am hoping that you might be able to help me, I would really appreciate it.


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