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Activity Interruption isn't working

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I can't for the life of me understand why this isn't working.
Diagram of model here https://imgur.com/aAkcfhQ

The work items from ‘Calls’ should interrupt the work items from ‘Projects’. Average service time for ‘Calls’ and ‘Projects’ is 7 minutes and 180 minutes respectively.

So I’ve set the DUE label for Calls to Average = 7 and for Projects to Average = 150. And the PRIORITY label for Calls is set to 50 and for Projects is set to 1.

The distribution for Interrupt_Dummy is set to be Fixed at the value 0. The distribution for Work is set to be Fixed at the value DUE. Work is also set to be interruptible and routing in selects by priority with Interrupt_Dummy being higher priority than Queue 2.

The resource is allocated to Work and can ‘interrupt other work if necessary’. But nothing gets interrupted, is there somewhere obvious i am going wrong?



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    What we need to see is what is happening in the model with respect to the timing, labels, etc. Can you post the model somewhere we can download it and see what it is doing? The "words" don't really describe what is happening. I see that one activity in directly feeding another that also has a queue. What is the routing in action? So more specificity is required.

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