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Work Items not Processing

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Hi, im currently studying modelling. I setup a customer complaints process. I have a complaint issued, goes to a queue to an activity Complaint Open. Distribution is triangular. The queue has a capacity of 70. The bocked % time in Complaint Open is 98%. It has a priority to take from the queue. I cant figure out what is going on? I have the complaint issued also on a triangular distribution. Could anyone assist please?


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    Hey Christina,

    It is hard to give much advice without seeing the model however from it being blocked 98% of the time it may be that the work items cannot leave the activity.

    If you are using labels you may want to check that these are assigned and routing properly or if you are routing into another activity that there is not a bottleneck further in the simulation that is stopping Work Items form leaving the Activity.

    Hopefully this can help you figure out what is happening!

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