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Working with groups of items

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I'd like to have a production line create items and then pack items into cases and move the case around before taking the items out of the case. I see where I can create an item ID and Case ID for each item, but I don't know how to move the items (in a case) from a queue together.


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    Hi BCeleste, you could use the Collect feature, under the routing-in option for an activity, to pull in work items in a batch size that you choose. Say you pull in 12 work items, you can then have following activities all pull in 12 items to keep them together or there is the option to 'Assemble' to combine them into 1 work item (representing 1 case) going forward. If, later in the process you need to break down the cases into individual items, you can use the 'Batch' feature to turn 1 'case' back into 12 items.

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