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No work items arriving

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I have built a model in Simul8 with three different arrival points with different time based distributions. It had been working, but now I have no arrivals entering my simulation and I can't see why. They aren't being blocked either, they just aren't being generated.

I started playing around with images used in the model and had tried to change the image used for the work item type. As far as I'm aware that's the only change I've made that would impact work items.

The model is still running over the correct time period and the distributions don't appear to have changed, so I'm at a loss!

Foolishly I had saved the changes to my model before realising I had broken it. So any assistance would be greatly appreciated!



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    Hi, could you make sure that the Batching Out value on the Start Point is not 0? It's also worth checking whether you are constraining arrivals (Start Point > Additional > Constraints).

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