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Multi-Screen Dialog Windows Disappear

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I'm running Simul8 on a Windows 10 laptop with 2 monitor screens & multiple other applications running. I'm often dragging application windows back & forth between the 2 monitors & switching between applications on both monitors. It's just how I work. With Simul8, however, sometimes dialog windows in the simulation don't travel with the application when I drag it. Sometimes a dialog window will open on the other screen on top of a different application. Sometimes it will open behind another application on either screen & I can't find it until I minimize all open application windows. Sometimes I keep trying to open the same dialog not realizing there's already one of those open & I end up with multiples of the same dialog buried under layers of other applications. Sometimes the dialog is just gone & I can't find it anywhere. This has happened with all kinds of results dialogs, tables & graphs, & even the clock dialog. Right now I'm looking at a small test model I was building & running, but the clock dialog disappeared & I can't seem to get it back. Any advice?

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