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Time Based by Day of week ?

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Trying to create a simulation using empirical data that has different distributions for different times of day and days of week.

I created two entry points (one for Monday and one for Tuesday) and created Time Based Distributions for each day as Named dsitributions with relevant start times.

In the start block for Monday, i set the Monday Time Based Distribution but then to specify a particular day of week, i seem to have to enter the Day Planner.

In the day planner, i set to Weekly and enter 1 for Day 1 and 0 in the other days.
In the Distribution, i set Other (Defined in the start point) as i assume this means use the time based distribution i defined in the initial property sheet.

I repeat this for Tuesday and set Day 2 to 1 with the others as 0
I then run the simulation for a week and i get 2 arrivals - one from each start block.

What i want is that a value is taken based on the distribution each hour and this differs for each day. I dont understand the purpose of the "Other (Defined in start point)" drop down if it ignores that and use the fixed value entered in the day planner.

But equally dont see how that is meant to work for my example where i want it to use a different distribution of arrivals throughout that day.

I have created a simple sample .s8 file but doesnt seem anywhere to attach it here.


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    Set a clock event to run each hour. Test what day and hour it is and then set the arrival rate to use that distribution. Remember to RESCHEDULE each time you change the distribution.

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