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SIMUL8 Academy short training free (but not if you are a student) ? — Simul8 Community Forum

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SIMUL8 Academy short training free (but not if you are a student) ?

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Our university provides a six month license for SIMUL8 as part of our simulation modelling module in BI and Data Analytics Msc course.

I have installed the software and registered both a cloud account and downloaded desktop version of SIMUL8 to work on a coursework for the module.

But it's interesting that whilst the SIMUL8 academy lists the short courses as "free" with any subscription, that doesnt seem to include the student subscription. So are we supposed to find £900 to learn to use the free software the university provided ?


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    Hi w1778500,
    We can absolutely make simul8 academy available to you for free! Its really important to us to support students well. Some tutors prefer us not to share academy with their students as they have their own set approach on teaching, that’s why we don’t make it available as a default. Drop an email to support@simul8.com with your Licence Number (File > Help) and your tutors name and we can coordinate with your tutor to get you access.

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