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Resource & Queue Capacity

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I have a process as follows:
Start --> Q1 --> Activity 1 --> Q2 --> Activity 2 --> End

  • Activity 1 & Activity 2 have the same resource assigned with a setting of "Require & Release here" at each activity.
  • Activity 2 does a collect of 10 (leaves it in Q1 until it gets 10) before it assembles into 1 outgoing work unit .

I have also set the Max for the resource within the activities to be 999 so I can change the Resource "Number Available" value to alter how many resources can be used by the two activities and thus it succesfully varies the number of end units produced.

I set a capacity limit at Q1 & Q2 but the "End" value does not change - why does the capacity limit have no impact in this scenario?

I am failry new to models so this might be just my lack of understanding.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts...


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    I have just built a small simulation as you describe it above. Assuming you are using the default timings for Activities of Average 10 minutes and the default inter-arrival time at the Start Point of Exponential 10 minutes, you are correct, queue max capacities make no difference. As far as I can see, this is because we always have a resource available to pick up the work straight away, so Queue 1 never fills up.
    If you change the inter-arrival time at the Start Time to something lower, e.g., Exponential 5 minutes, you will see a difference of throughput at the End depending on Queue 1's max capacity.

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    yup, I alaso got a response from support and they suggsetd using the replication feature to alter the final output.
    Also I also starting exploting the "cretae a group" functionality that allows certian compoenets to be grouped and limited to how many work items can be in that group at any one time, so that can be changed to vary the final output.

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