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Stop work in activity and send item to location

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I am working on a simulation where items need to be assessed and returned in a specific time. To achieve this when a work item enters a specific activity (change of state to busy), the activity compares the expected return time to the deadline time and if it will return late should push the activity to a new location.

The issue arises that the work items are not leaving the activity, from digging it seems that Move Work Item To sends items from one queue to another. Is there a way I can extract the item from the activity and push it to the desired queue or an alternative for achieving this behaviour?

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    The VL command "Move Work Item To" is probably a good way to do it (at least I would do it that way from understanding your problem). At the time when you trigger the command, for example After Loading at an Activity (once you compared expected time to deadline time), it should be possible to use the commands 1.) "Select Current Work Item" with parameters Activity Name, 1 (which selects your current work item at the activity you are at and 1 simply means the first in that object), and then 2.) "Move Work Item To" with parameters Queue Name, 1 (again 1 if you want to put it at the front of the queue). In my experience you quite often use the "Select Current Work Item" command before the "Move Work Item To" one.

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    Solved, thank you so much :)

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