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Assignment of a Resource to Change-Over/Cleaning Time

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I am trying to map out the following situation.
Activity 1, two resources: a bed and nurse is being used by the work item (patient). They are done seeing the patient so they exit the system.
However, I want to assign cleaning of bed to the nurse. Essentially both resources need to continue to be 'used' for 15 minutes for cleaning until they are both free. What is the best way to model this?


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    I would include the 15 minutes Cleaning as follows:
    1.) From Activity 1 (where the patient stays with Nurse and Bed) route out into two paths, one for the patient to exit (maybe an End Point) and another one into an Activity.
    2.) Set Batching Out of the Activity 1 to Fixed 2 and Routing Out logic to Circulate. That way, the patient exits and a copy of that work item goes to the other activity.
    3.) At that other Activity also assign the nurse and bed and set the timing to 15 minutes.
    4.) Make sure you have the same nurse and bed travelling with a work item by following the steps shown here: https://www.simul8.com/support/help/doku.php?id=features:resmovework

    That way, a nurse and bed spent an extra 15 minutes after each patient has been released. Note, alternatively, you can built these 15 minutes into the Resource Travel time (Resource > Additional), but this makes it less flexible and harder to look at the corresponding utilization results.

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    Thank you - with that said, is there a way to have greater capacity for the initial workstation?
    I have four nurses and four rooms, and want to be able to clean them all simultaneously.

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