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setting travel time - help please ...

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Heloo, I need help with my model
I have a basic model (airport to aitrport), where I add resouce (plane)
I have 56 work items
I set travel time in Routing Arrows. (390min)
Resources are add to activity 1 (airport 1) (I set batchińg=7)
I set resource schedule, when I want have to available the resource (1. and 2. day - 03.00, 3-5. day 03.00 and 12.00)
So its 8 flight/ 5 days

I need results of work my resources. I know, where I can see it, but its very bad results. There is not travel from airport 1 to airport 2 (390 min)
It must be 8 flights. I see 8 activities, but time is not good in the graph. I tried add my resource to airport 1 and 2, than I set travel matrix from airport 1 to airport 2 on 390 min, but it was not good too.

Can you help me with it please? .....


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