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please help me build a simple manufacturing model

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hi i have a very simple simulation that i need help with to build please
current process as follows:
stack of 100 cartons go to a person. the person either cleans the carton or rejects the carton in an hour the split is on average 70 cleaned 30 scrapped
currently 6 people doing this job at different output rates of cleaned and sorted some 40 / 70 or 80 / 20
each carton out is assigned a price of 86 c scrapped and cleaned
**future process simulation: **
3 people sort the cartons first into to be cleaned and scrap the rest 30% to 40% scrap the sorting is paid by hour R47
then 3 people clean the sorted carton at R1,05 to clean a carton
the hours of work can be different for all 6 people

i want to get the best balance of financials and cleaned cartons out



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