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adjusting resources to work item counts

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I am looking for a way to adjust the number of resources (staff) to the number of work items that are arrive in the work center.
In my process, 1 resource (staff) can handle 1 to 8 items at the same time.
I tried using replicate but it assigns 1 resource for each work item each time and using collect (8) makes the process wait until all 8 are available.

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    I am going to assume that a resource can handle up to 8 workitems and that they can start working on something as long as there is at least one available. What you can do is at the activity, get the one item that will start work and at startup "grab" up to 7 more workitems from the same queue if they are available. Now what you did not describe is should all those be assembled into a single item for the rest of processing, or do you want to keep them separate. If you want to keep them separate, then you can put the collected items in a queue that you will empty when work is completed at the activity and put them in the next queue for further processing.

    Do this do what you want or is there a different workflow that you have in mind?

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