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Replicate activity that collects one item from each queue

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I am trying to model a process that requires the activity to collect one work item from each queue leading to the activity. Instead of having a big complicated model, I wanted to use the option replicate. However, when I first replicate the activity, then I cannot choose the collect option on the routing in. On the contrary, when I first choose the collect and assemble on the routing in, then I cannot replicate that activity. Is there any way around that problem?



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    Does the activity only run if there are work items in all the queues, or does it run and pickup items from the other queues if they are there; e.g., it can run with partial collections? You can have a single activity collect an item and then VL code scan the other queues to see if something is there if you don't need all at once. If it can only run if they are all there, then a single activity can collect one from multiple queues and not do anything till all are available. More description of the problem you are trying solve and the sequence of events that have to happen to complete an action.

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