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Arrival Distribution/Timing

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I have a question regarding the arrival timing at the Start Point.

In my Simulation, one order can contain a batch from 1 piece up to 4 pieces each.
My problem is that on average, I want that there is an order for one piece every 42 seconds. (Customer Demand 42 sec.)
How can I do that?

I currently have set the average timing of 42 seconds at the Start Point and am giving every order a quantity label between 1-4 (rounded uniform).
But that means that on average, I would receive a customer demand of way higher than 42.
For example, if the batch for every order was fixed to 2 pieces, I would want one order arrive every 84 seconds, if it was fixed at 3 pieces every 126 seconds and so on.

I hope you understand my problem and I'm looking forward for your help.
Thank you!



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    Totally understandable! If I was you, I wouldn't use a Label, but the Batching out feature instead: https://www.simul8.com/support/help/doku.php?id=features:batching

    You can use a Rounder Uniform distribution to represent the lot size, i.e. 1-4

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    One way is to setup the entry point to generate a workitem every 42 seconds (average/normal/exp... what every flavor you want). These go into a queue and there is a workcenter "collecting" from the queue that will set its collection number to the number of workitems you want released into the rest of the system. It will then collect the required number and send them down the line to the rest of the model.

    Does this address your needs?

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