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Using Jobs Matrix and multiple activities?

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I am wondering what is the best method to using jobs matrix. If I have many unique items with different routings and different activity times I noticed one problem. In picture example if I use jobs matrix routing items it will work with different activity times. However if I want to add more workplaces (A7) for example A2 activity due the bottleneck situation, I can not use same name at activity so jobs matrix does not understand where to send item next. Is there any solution for adding activies that I don't have to do own routing for each item and check solution working via try and error method?
I tried to add picture with no success so here is link...



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    Hey mate, I tried this on my own version, and as long as I set the Timing to be Jobs Matrix based, this works as expected. Which version are you using?

    If I was you I'd send my model to support@simul8.com so SIMUL8's Support team can have a look :)

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    Thank you for your answer. If I do job matrix and set timing that works as planned but if I want to add additional activity when I noticed there is bottleneck situation at A2 and add A7 activity and use that timing to the jobs matrix for A7 not use it (timing is zero) and routing out is also job matrix which works as defined at job matrix. My solution for this problem was set timing from labels and set unique values for different labels and after activity add action to increase job label. I was wondering is there somekind problem at this version or is there other way to do this because this is quite long way to add activities with timing with labels if bottleneck is noticed. This is Simul8 professional version 26.0.

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    Hey yep, when using the Jobs Matrix the time will only be defined by that. Also, for its timing you can also use a Named Distribution if you prefer instead of Fixed timing. Very eager to see the workaround, want to reattach a picture link showing it?

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