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Resources process five work items per hour

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There is a question about simul8. Activity “service” are linked with a resource ”mechanic”. The available number of mechanic is 3. And every mechanic could repair 5 cars per hours. So my question is, how to set that in simul8 software?
If I’m not detailed enough,I’ll provide more details later.


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    It is not resources that have an activity like processing 5 cars per hour. You would have 3 workcenters (or whatever number) and each workcenter would require the resource and then have a timing of 12 minutes (5/hour) for the activity.

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    I agree that the way Jholtman describes is is the most sensible approach, as long as you're using a Fixed Distribution on your Activity's timing.

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    Even without a fixed distribution, what you are trying to see in any model is what is the "average" rate of processing. Even with an exponential of 12 minutes, you would see an average of 12 minutes, but some very large variations in queue sizes and time in system; this is what you want to understand about the model.

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