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Multiple work items in one activity?

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I’m trying to create a simulation of a call center.

I have multiple different staff as resources, one full-time staff resource with specific scheduling and one part-time resource at different times as well. With a total of around 25 staff

They all have one job which is to answer calls, so I have one activity hooked up simply with start point  Que  Activity  Endpoint.

The activity only does one call at a time even though there are at least 10 staff available at any given time to take more calls.
How do I set the activity to be able to accept more calls depending on how many staff are available?

The simulation I have now essentially had a multitude of staff members all standing around one phone. How can I set a single activity to represent multiple phones? So for example, phone calls will constantly enter the activity as long as there is a staff member to take it. And que when there are no callers available at that time!

Thanks in advance!


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    You would "replicate" the workcenter so that it can handle multiple workitems at the same time, giving each one of them independent timings. So you can have the workcenter replicated 25 times to handle the maximum number of resources that you want to handle the call concurrently.

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