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how to load and unload Carts with part in Simul8

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i am working on a problem where i have to circulate the cart. Each cart has around 40 trays of parts in it. then they are pushed to a different station and the cart is unloaded and returned back to empty carts queue. Both carts and the trays need to exist for further processing.


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    One way is to setup a queue with the number of carts that you want. When you need a cart, take the workitem out of the queue and have a label on it that has the number of parts that it contains. When it get to the station it is supposed to go to, you can use the value in the label to do the processing; this would just be consuming time, or adding the parts as workitems to another queue for processing. You can then just return the cart to the original queue where it waits for further work.

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