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Resource Moves With Work Item

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Hi community,

I am completly stuck on below subject, to clarify I have a model where the resource (a big trolley) needs to move with the work item between WC's.

WC 1 replicated x 17 goes to either WC 2 og 3 (no replicate), hereafter it goes to WC 4 (replicated x 17). This area is also group-constrained to a max capacity of 17 WI in total.

WC 4 goes to WC 5 (replicated x 30) which goes to WC 6 (replicated x 30). This area is also contrained to a max of 30 in this group at a time.

The trolley is used between:
WC1 and WC 2/3
WC 2/3 to WC4
WC 4 to WC5
WC5 to WC6

Both areas is using the same resouce (big trolley which there is only 1 of, but the transporttime for this trolley is very fast compared to the CT. The traveltime is 1002 meters per hour.

I have tried inserting dummies between the WC's with the resources and details described
dummy origins = required here, but do not release
dummy destinations = only release the resource here

Hence, with no luck.
Anyone who can assist? I am currently using the educational license.


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    Edit: I am now using Professional edition (trial)

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    Someone who can help?

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