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Split work item with labels for parts?

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I am trying to figure out what is the easiest method for disassemble and assemble the work item during service process. Example if one work item is coming in and it is divided to 20 different parts and after process it is assembled back to one piece. Is there easier method for that than put every item with own labels (lbl_product 1 and lbl_part)? I am trying to figure out how I can do it example batching function which gives label values 1 - 20 for lbl_part and starts again with next product. Is there any other method for that than doing VL?


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    If you are always going to split the workitem into a constant number of items, then you assign a "unique" id to the workitem when it is created and then each workitem split from it will have the same ID. At a collection queue, you just have the workcenter "collecting" the given number of workitems with the same ID and this should solve the problem. If you are going to split it into a different number of items each time, then make sure you have the unique ID and if the maximum number of items you might create is 20, split the workitem into "n" items and add "20-n" items to the collection queue so that you can alway collect a fixed number of item from it.

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