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healthcare data

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My final year project is about why the patient waiting times have been increasing at Cambridge University Hospital). As you probably know, we need some data for the implementation phase, but I am not sure about what data I would need. I believe I would need to know the number of staffs, their activities' processing times, the arrival rates, patient flow data, the probability ratio of people arriving on foot and ambulance, the number of beds etc. Can you please guide me further on what other data might be useful for this kind of project?

I am going to use SIMUL8 to find out the reason for the increasing patient time (i.e. is it due to lack of staff or inefficient staff modeling or other reasons). Look forward to hearing from you!


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    Hello, I had to do something similar for uni. You can also collect whether staff are available at different hours of the day, whether patients need any other equipment for being treated, e.g. medicine or medical machinery, whether they are seen by doctors or nurses instead. Also, I'd check how long are patients willing to wait for in the emergency room.

    Not sure what you're modelling if you give more details, I might be able to help more.

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    Hey mate! just saw this. I am modelling business process modelling notation (BPMN) and SIMUL8 model. Thank you very much

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    It actually depends on your research objective.


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