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Routing in - different collect amount

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Dear all,

Firstly, I hope someone can help me. I am currently doing a semester project where Simul8 is used as a tool (Simul 8 2010 Exclusive Educational Site Edition).

I have 4 products at a windmill component production line (big components)
Unlimited arrivals is assumed.
Each work station e.g. Moulding has 17 stations, therefore I have replicated that with 17.
Coating is 30 and so on.

Hence, in the pre-assembly area there is 5 workstations, but for these I need to route in and assembly.
As you might now, it is not possible to repicate and collect at the same time.
Therefore I have created 5x Pre-assembly stations.

These 5 assembly stations must collect different number depending on which of the 4 products it is..
It is a shared resource so all products can be assembled at these 5 stations, but
e.g. product 1 needs to assemble 4 components to 1
Product 2 needs to assemble 2 to 1
Prodct 3 needs 3 to 1 and so on.
There is no queue before pre assembly, it is directly from the workstation before.
How can I fix that?

Best regards,
Casper Nielsen


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    Hi Casper, I recently started using SIMUL8 as well, I think there's a feature for what you are trying to do, called Label/Sheet. Here's the help file for Collect, it includes a paragraph on Label/Sheet: https://www.simul8.com/support/help/doku.php?id=features:collect

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    Hi Agustina,
    Thank you for youe reply, but label/sheet is only available for simul8 2015 :(


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    Oh I see. If that's the case, can you try:
    1. Between the stage items get collected and the stage items get pulled out, create 4 directions (Dummy Activities might be useful here)
    2. Use Routing out by Label to send each Product type to each direction: https://support.simul8.com/route-out-by-type/
    3. Use Collect and define the number to be collected from each direction, i.e. the number to be collected for each product type.

    I am not able to attach an example model here to show you this, but if you message support@simul8.com they should send you one!

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    Dear Agustina,
    Thank you for your reply.
    I have been in contact with support and now use a trial, while our UNI IT is working on why we are currently using a 2010 version.

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