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Time results for an item in between certain points of the simulation?

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I have a very large model with lots of activities and queues... I'm having issues finding an easy way to get the times between certain, stipulated events of the sim.

For example... my sim is activities A-J with queues for each activity. Activities C-F are a vital step of the process. I'd like to get the times for when items leave C's queue to start the activity at C, all the way up to when they leave the activity at F to enter the queue for G. Right now it appears I can only get times spent at each activity and queue or a total time in the system from A-J.

I feel this should be a problem with a simple solution but I am struggling a bit. Any help will be appreciated :) thanks!


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    First, I think that the time an item enters an Activity, is the time the item leaves a Queue. A way to do this, is to use Time Stamp Labels, and action them at Activities. Here's some help on actions and Time Stamp: https://www.simul8.com/support/help/doku.php?id=features:actions

    For finding out that time for each work item quickly, you can use Transaction logs: https://www.simul8.com/support/help/doku.php?id=features:transaction_log

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    I have built a logging component that I use in my models. I can call it from anywhere VL can be used. It records the time of the call and upto 8 parameters that I can pass in. It also records the workcenter it was called from and the ID on the workitem. Since you could also pass in other unique information on the workitem, this is recorded in a spreadsheet that is written out at the end of the simulation and then I use an "R" script to process the data. The spreadsheet will hold upto 10K rows and if you are logging more, it will write out the spreadsheet with a sequence number and then restart a new worksheet. So you have an unlimited amount of data you can record and them you can process it externally to get any information you need. This will solve the problem you have specified.

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