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Resource availability not working

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I have a resource set to perform a 40 hour "review" task, and have replicated the task 147 times, and have 147 of the resource available. They perform 7644 reviews per year. This is what I'd expect if they do the task for their full available hours:
147 * 8 hrs per day * 5 days * 52 weeks = 305,760 total hours available
305,760 / 40 = 7644
When I adjust the % availability of the resource (to, say, 80% or 50%) it makes no difference. They are still performing 7644 reviews each year. I've tried putting that availability % in as a decimal, and all sorts of numbers. Nothing makes a difference. Am I missing something or is this a known bug?
Giles Robinson – Data Scientist
Sheffield City Council
Business Intelligence Team


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    HI Giles, I have been trying hard to replicate this but no luck :( Is it worth trying to recreate the Resource? I don't know how easy this is for you if you have many many Resources behaving like this, but it sometimes solves the issue!

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    I setup a simple model with just a workcenter replicated a number of times and the a resource that I changed the availability on and the model would process a number of workitems appropriate to the availability. I was using unlimited on the work entry point. Have you setup the model for 8 hr/day, 5 days/week and then 52 weeks? It should work appropriately.

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