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Set Resource Pool Timing Distribution Questions

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Just wanted to see if anyone has used the VL line "Set Resource Pool Timing Distribution"
I used the Fixed distribution on my pooled resources and check the "Use fixed distribution as delay factor" to show the differences between an experienced worker and a new hire (new hire would take longer to process items, for example). I want to show improvement over time and wanted to use the aforementioned VL line to change the delay factor.

This VL line calls for you to use a named distribution, which I have created for various values as Fixed distributions. The problem I'm having is that this doesn't check the box that specifies to use these values as delay factors, so now all of my processing times are equal to the fixed values (.95, 1.0, .9, etc.). Does anyone know if there is a way to always keep that box checked or tell my model that this should be utilized as a delay factor?


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    When using this, it's greyed out for me too. However, I'm not sure whether Delay timing is meant to be greyed out when using this command. Why don't you email to find out?

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