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Many distinct/unique work items being processed at the same time and passed out in "groups"? — Simul8 Community Forum

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Many distinct/unique work items being processed at the same time and passed out in "groups"?

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Hi. I am trying to simulate at the very high level, some processes we have before diving in to resource/machine level sims. We operate in a lot of individual work items (many millions), say N, and they usually arrive in batches (not in the sense of "batch" simul8 uses). Each work item is completly unique. Some activities will wait for all items to arrive before procceding to work on all of them at the same time for a period of time (day or two or more) and some wait for X items before proceeding. if they wait for X they will happily take "up to X" if the number arriving is the remainder of N/X, ie if this is the last few. On output they simultaneously output items in "groups" of size X or in smaller/larger depending on the process. the total number of work items has to stay the same from the beginning to the end - we don't want to track groups but we do want to see items moving in groups of the defined size (think step-charts if looking at the # of items in a queue).

i've been trying to find a neat way of doing this and i am struggling - everything i tried is sub par. What would you recommend? What would be the right approach to do this in Simul8? Given the uniqueness of each work item, i need to be able to see the distribution of their properties at the end and at each stage of the simulation. i should also be able to track an individual item. i also can't collect-assemble and regenerate (batch) as each work item has many unique features and regenerating those would be a major pain given how many possible paths there are.

any suggestions will be most welcome!

thank you!


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    Hi there!
    I have read your post and I would try the following:
    1. Use Collect but you don't need to assemble. Instead, I would strongly recommend the use of "Do not collect until all available" so you make sure that all X items are there when they start being processed. That will also make sure, they are all processed at the same time.
    2. Use Labels: https://www.simul8.com/support/help/doku.php?id=features:labels:tutorial and action them at the respective Activity. E.g. the Label could indicate their size.


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