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Kanban/Reorder simulation

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Hi Simul8-Community,
I want to built/copy a Kanban simulation which I found on YouTube and try to understand how the simulation works.

This is the Kanban simulation:

I've already tried to build the simulation.
Here's a screenshot of the material flow and the information store:

This is the VL-Code which is currently added to the "Widget Kanban" Queue:

For routing out the Re-order quantity in Activity 7 I've set the batch out to the following variable:

My problem is now, that every time when the stock of the widget kanban is below the reorder quantity a new order is placed.

Hope you can help me!

Best regards,



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    Hey guys,
    just want to give you an update - probably the information would be helpful for some other beginners too.
    The solution was pretty simple:
    I've just added a calculation, which calculates the "Overall-content" of the downstream processes, and pasted an IF-Statement to reorder only, if the "Overall-content" is zero:

    image link: https://ibb.co/n0Wrnpd


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    Hi Sebastian, this is Danai here from SIMUL8 Support.
    Thanks for posting your question on the Community, is there a chance you can send your model to SIMUL8 Support so I can have a look at what triggers the order in this occasion?


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    Hi Danai,
    thanks for your prompt reply.
    I've sent you the model via mail.


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